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It is an economic multiplayer, accessible, sound strategy game like monopoly, with shooter and action features.
You have a space ship and move from planet to planet where you can buy and sell planets, and buy resources. So you can move and your planets can earn money.
You move through meteorites and other obstacles and struggle against galaxy monsters.
In the offline game, the computer will imitate online game with 5 gamers. In the online game you can play with a minimum of one, and a maximum of five partners.
To become lord of the galaxy you need to collect more money then other gamers.
If you want to know more about Lords of the galaxy, please visit this page.
You may discuss this game and find partners in special mailing list.
If you want to become a member of this mailing list, please send blank e-mail with subject Lords of the galaxy to galaxylords@yahoo.com.
Click on the link below and you can find list of best Lords of the galaxy gamers!
Lords of the galaxy best scores
If you have any question or any problem, please, visit Lords of the galaxy FAQ. May be it will help you.
Now you can download Lords of the galaxy 3.0 game. Download and enjoy!
Download Lords of the galaxy 3.0 demo now (75.9Mb)
If you want, you can order Lords of the galaxy 3.0 now!
Lords of the galaxy order now

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