Question 1
How do I purchase a program?
Answer 1
Each commercial game has it's own page. There is link "Order now" on each game page. Click on this link. Then select how you would like to pay for the program. Then fill in a form. We recommend select the secure order form.
Question 2
Can I pay by using a check?
Answer 2
When you start your order, and you are asked how you would like to pay, select "Check - by US or UK checks or International Money Orders".
Question 3
What credit cards you accept?
Answer 3
We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diner's Club, Delta, Switch, and Amex. Diner's Club cards incur a separate 4% surcharge which will show on your card statement.
Question 4
How can I check version of DirectX on my system?
Answer 4
Follow steps below to check current version of DirectX on your computer:
Step 1. Click on the Start button to display Windows Start menu.
Step 2. Select menu item Run or press button R to open Run program dialog box.
Step 3. Type 'dxdiag' and hit Enter key.
Step 4. Wait some seconds. Direct X Diagnostic Tools dialog will appear. You can find in this window System information frame.
Step 5. Search in the System information frame line with information about DirectX version.
Question 5
Where can I download DirectX 8.0?
Answer 5
You can visit Microsoft DirectX home page and download DirectX 8.0. or later.
Download DirectX 8.0 now

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